Destroyit 5009CC Cross Cut Shredder
Destroyit 3104SC Strip Cut Shredder
Destroyit 3104CC Cross Cut Shredder


Welcome to Destroyit Shredder

Manufactured in Germany by MBM Corporations parent company, IDEAL Krug and Priester, Destroyit shredders have set the world standards for quality engineering for over 50 years. With its electronic safety measures and technically advanced features and functionalities,  Destroyit shredders are without any doubt the most reliable, convenient, safe and easy to use machines, designed to meet user expectations in office and at home.

Destroyit shredders are industrial grade, precision-engineered machines built to provide years of reliable efficient shredding operations. Ideal for personal, office, departmental and industrial use, models of Destroyit  shredders are available in each security level defined under the DIN 32 757 international standard. With data and identity theft on the rise, effectively disposing off company’s confidential data has become a first priority task. Along with Destroyit’s exclusive SPS safety features that put them above all other manufacturers safe shredders, it also comes with hardened steel cutting shafts that can destroy credits cards, compact disks to VHS tapes and three ring binders. Owing to its innovative functional designs and features for enhanced office productivity and effectiveness, it also comes with a lifetime warranty for the cutting shafts.

Destroyit manufactures high security shredders signified as SMC (Super Micro Cut) and are responsible for handling the strictest security level 6 requirements for paper destruction. Once documents shredded by these machines, it is next to impossible to assemble the paper pieces back together. These shredders are HIPAA compliant, meet NSA/CSS specifications, and are approved for use by US Department of Defense. 
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